Friday, November 1, 2013

Hello New York City!!

This morning, Molly and I flew to New York City to spend the weekend and watch my niece Rachel run the NYC Marathon on Sunday.  After last night's Nashville weather, and knowing that it was going to be headed to New York today, I was not too excited about flying.  But after much prayer before and during the flight (and thanks after the flight), God found us a good flying path and we landed at LaGuardia with only about a 90-minute delay in Nashville. 

At that point Molly and I wandered around and eventually found our way to the US Air terminal where we met Marilyn (my sister/Rachel's mom) and headed for Manhattan.  We found our hotel, had some lunch at Junior's, met Rachel during her dinner break from work, and did a little shopping. 

Tomorrow is a 5K and Sunday is Rachel's big day.  What a great weekend!!
Today was a great day because:  safe flight; chatting with marathon dude next to me on plane; asking for directions and finally getting to US Air terminal; meeting up with Marilyn; check in at hotel and lunch at Juniors; meeting up with Rachel and her after-work visit

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