Monday, November 18, 2013

To Sew Or Not To Sew ... Let Me Count The Ways

Because my category for this year's Christmas giving (and for the past several years) is "Make It or Break It," this is what I should be doing.  I have a couple of projects in mind that can be made on the sewing machine.  But unlike my friends Kat and Denise, who apparently sew in their sleep and in between their various other projects, I am instead doing other stuff that keeps me as far away from my sewing machine as possible.  Like watching "House Hunters." 

I also researched movie releases for the holiday season and have found four that I wish to see:  Philomena, Frozen, A Madea Christmas, and Saving Mr. Banks.  So not only have I successfully avoided the sewing machine for tonight, but I have also found at least eight hours that will occupy my sewing time.

Maybe I should learn that sewing in my sleep thing ...
Today was a great day because: I got in two miles with KB; did a tiny bit of Target shopping; picked up Everley at school; had some Everley time at her house


Kat said...

Once in a while I sew *while* watching House Hunters. You can do it!!!

Denise in PA said...

I only THINK about sewing in my sleep (could I be any geekier???) but I always watch TV when I sew (you just need to be very, very careful not to sew your finger when you can't take your eyes off the TV o:)