Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Good Bye, Old Pants

Today I had to face the inevitable - one of my favorite pair of pants had stretched its last.  All the mending and patching had become too much and now un-mendable, and they were going to have to go.  But not without one last wearing.

They were not fancy pants or dress pants - just that "wearing around the house and going to Wal-Mart" pants.  They were black (of course) and accompanied me on many adventures (oh, if those pants could talk).

They were too tattered to donate or yard sale.  Besides, I don't think there's anybody else on this planet that would fill them out as well as I have - especially the stretchy-out parts.  So off they went to that great pants repository. 

It's funny how clothes sometimes become our second skin.  We know which ones we want to wear when we don't feel well and which ones make us feel better about ourselves.  We know which ones look hideous but we love them because how comfortable we feel in them.  And when the times comes that we have to part ways, it seems sort of sad.

But the day will come when I find my next "go-to" pair of pants.  Maybe I should start naming them ...
Today was a great day because:  beautiful fall day; getting a few things accomplished; Everley time at the Doik

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Denise in PA said...

I so get what you are talking about! o:)