Sunday, November 24, 2013

Just 13.1 Miles

The race was good - for the most part.  The weather was perfect - 70 degrees with a breeze and overcast skies.  The crowd support was great - especially the dudes in Speedos cheering.  The volunteers were so nice at the water stations to provide us water and Gatorade and to cheer us on.  The course was interesting, until Mile 9 when we headed out of town - and kept going for another mile and a half before we finally turned around (thank goodness for the two ladies who told us that the turn was only a block away).  The finish line was wonderful just being the finish line, but made even better with friends and families cheering everyone to the finish (and where I saw Molly as she was headed back to the hotel).  The medals were awesome, as I've never had a deck chair medal before.

Yes I was slow, but I had enough fellow slow-goers to keep me company.  Yes, Miles 9-12 were not my favorites because I wondered if we were ever going to turn back towards the finish.  Yes, my skin turned to salt as I sweated (yes, slowpokes sweat, too).  Yes, my hands swelled up and look like sausages. 

But guess what - I finished, and in retrospect, had a pretty good time!
Today was a great day because:  weather and race were pretty much perfect; finishing the half-marathon; fellow woggers (I love to eavesdrop to different groups along the way); supporters along the course; race medal; lunch at the airport and our server; safe, smooth ride home to cold weather; Sam and Lindley picking us up at the airport; Maribeth and Everley bringing dinner over; sleeping in my own bed

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