Monday, June 29, 2015

Another Project Complete!

I am really on a roll these days, just completing things right and left (no comments, please). Sure, they've been projects that are years old, but completion is completion, right?  Today I finally managed to complete another one - Disney pin presentation.

Here's the story ... One of the many ways Disney manages to take my money is the pin process. This is a scam process whereby you buy Disney pins (that they sell everywhere) and then keep them or trade them for other pins. Like all other Disney things, I have about a gazillion. For awhile I displayed them on a canvas board, but when I started on my third gazillion of pins, I just started tossing the pins into a bin. Sometimes I would go through them to trade or give to friends for them to trade. But mostly I would just toss them into the bin.

During this tossing period, my friend Kat who is a quilter extraordinaire, made me a pin hanging. I think I hung it, sans pins, until our house remodel, when it went into a box with other stuff. One Christmas she also made me a Mickey snowman wall hanging. Which also went into the box. When the remodel was finished, the bin of pins and the box of quilt hangings just sat around. Because I had other things to do. Like watch "Law and Order."

Anyway, a few nights ago, some friends came over, and two of them, Grace and Mabry (and their mom Lisa), wanted to see my pins. So I dragged out the pin bin and Grace and Mabry started going through them. Mabry found one she liked so I told her she could have it (three gazillion minus one, now). After they left, I sort of got motivated to go through the whole mess, and so I did.

I got out the pin quilt hanging and the Christmas Mickey hanging and an old fish extender from a transatlantic cruise Molly and Maribeth and I did many years ago. I went through all three gazillion minus one pins, sorted them, picked out which ones I wanted to keep, pinned them on the three hangings, and hung them on the wall. Disney race pins are around the border on one with other pins I like in the black middle. Christmas pins are on the Snowman Mickey, and cruise pins are on the fish extender. Voila!!

Of course, now I have a group of pins that I really don't want, so I think that means I need a Disney trip - don't you?!
Today is a gift because: getting pin project complete; lunch with GDiz and Steve


Marilyn said...

What is a fish extender? Doesn't look like a fish :)

Luanne said...

You know those little fish outside your stateroom door on the Disney ships? That hold messages and such? A fish extender is a thingy with little pockets for each member in your cabin, to hold more notes. You really should take more Disney cruises ...