Monday, June 8, 2015

Headin' Home

I thought I would get an early start, but I didn't. It was around 7:30am before I managed to get out of bed and into the minivan for the trip back to Nashville. Did I consider calling and saying that I was extending my vacay for a few days? Certainly. But I knew I had scads and lists of things to do back home (whatever they are - but I know they're there). So I loaded up and headed North.

It was a fairly uneventful trip. Boring, yes. There were no ipads to fix, no arguments to settle, and no Disney movies to watch/listen to. There was no Molly to find trivia games to play and no discussion about where to stop. There was no one to consult about bathroom breaks and no one to be on the lookout for amusements along the road. It was just me and the interstate and the minivan.

I stopped a few times, for gas and nourishment. And maybe once for a power nap. There were no major wrecks or traffic tieups or construction projects to slow me down - just a highway patrolman every now and again to remind me to look at my speed (within 5 miles of the required limit, a rule suggested by Maribeth).

Eventually I made it back home just in time for the rainstorms. I pulled into the carport, unloaded several bags, and headed for my bed.  All in all, a good, safe trip. But next time maybe I'll take Lindley's advice and fly for two hours instead!
Today is a gift because: Safe travel home; Zaxby's lunch stop; QT gas stop; seeing Bonnaroo setup for the weekend; sleeping in my own bed

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