Thursday, June 18, 2015

Free Stuff

Tonight at the Sounds game, they were giving out free Sounds tumblers. And while we have free tickets, we try to make sure we are always there for giveaway night. Why? Because we like free stuff. In fact, as we are going through the entrance, I'm wondering if I can get more tumblers. I didn't try, but it didn't stop me from thinking about it. Yes, I have a problem with free stuff.

Maybe it goes back to my childhood when I didn't have a steady income and I got my first free photo of Robert Conrad in his "Wild, Wild, West" outfit. Finding out that I could get stuff for free was amazing. Unfortunately our internet was super slow back then, maybe because it didn't exist, so my experience of getting free stuff was rather limited. Unless you count green trading stamps you got from the grocery store, or free stuff you got when you opened a checking account, or stuff like that. This went on through my childhood and into adulthood, and became very prolific when I was a teacher. Because, as you should know, public school teachers have very little and no money to buy stuff, so free stuff was a godsend! And if you want to know just how creative a teacher can be, give him/her a bucket of stuff - there are teaching and learning experiences in that bucket just begging to be developed!

Anyhow, this was the seed that has sprouted into my "if it's free, I want it" addiction. Do I need the free stuff? Not neccesarily, but it's free!! And so I want it!! Shampoos and stuff from the hotel (the expendable stuff, not the light fixtures and bedding) - yes, I want it! Anything given away if I'm the first 2000 in attendance - yes, I'm there! And like all addictions, there is a price to pay. Free stuff that I don't really use that clutters my home.

I'm trying to curb my habit - really. But there is still that thought that says, "Take it - you will use it in some way." And so I do. I have blankets and towels and tumblers and Disney stuff and odds and ends and nicknacks and such all over my house. And someday I will use it/give it away/donate it to Goodwill. Really - I will.

But I have to go now. I think it's free t-shirt night at the Sounds!!
Today is a gift because: free tumblers at the Sounds; delicious chicken at the game; "See You In My Dreams" with MB

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