Saturday, June 13, 2015

Goin' To The Pitcher Show

Yes, that's what we called it in the olden days. Back then, we'd go to the movie theater on Saturday afternoons for the matinee. It costs fifty cents and you got a little paper brochure that would tell you about upcoming movies.

There were two movie theaters in our town of Starkville - the Rex and the State. Later when I was in high school, we got a multiplex movie theater - two screens! Going to the movies was a main staple of date nights - there wasn't a lot of anything else to do.

However, as life goes on, so did my going to the movies. Once marriage and kids came into the big picture, the movies took a back seat - waay back. And as movie prices kept getting higher and HBO and then Redbox became available, then why spend so much to see a movie? I would just wait until it came out on cable or Redbox (and for some movies, it didn't take very long).

I would probably say in the past several years, I have gone to the movies maybe once a year. However, that is about to change. Why? Because Maribeth got me a MoviePass. Basically it is sort of a credit card that you pay a flat fee for each month, and you can see as many movies as you want during that month. The only exceptions are that you can see a movie only once, and that you have to wait 24 hours in between movies.

Today I received my official Movie Pass in the mail, and Molly (who also has a movie pass) and I went to see "San Andreas." Molly saw "Spy" last night and we have a tentative plan to see "The Avengers" tomorrow night. Then Maribeth (who started this whole thing with her movie pass) and I plan to see "Spy" sometime this week. In case you're adding all this up, that's my equivalent of threes year's worth of movies - in one week! According to Maribeth, if you see three movies a month, you make back your money's worth.

Sure, I could save money by not getting the pass and not going to the movies. But it's nice to get out and see a movie on the big screen. It's nice to get out with family and friends and enjoy some time together. It's nice to see a movie when everybody else is seeing it and talking about it.

So now you know where to go for your latest movie news. Some movies I will not see for any reason (scary and supernatural) and some I will see but not quite understand (anything technological and a twisty turny plot) and some I will see and absolutely love (anything with Meryl Streep in it). I guess this will make me a movie buff. At least I will be "buff" in some aspect of my life ...
Today is a gift because: Three hot miles in the 'hood; going to the movies with Molly

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