Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Big Idea

You already know that Maribeth and Molly are on a cruise. They are scheduled to return Port Canaveral on Saturday. Sam and Steve are going to Orlando for a golf outing on Thursday through Sunday. What was my big idea? To take Lindley and Everley to Disney World!! In a car!!  Like tomorrow!!

Originally we had considered this idea when the other two trips were planned, but then scrapped the idea. My high school reunion is this weekend, and I turned it down for the original trip. But when we decided against Florida, it was after the due date for the reunion, so I decided to just stay home. Until ...

I started thinking about things and adding things up (two things I need to be more cautious doing). First I emailed Lynnette, who is in Texas and returning home this evening. I figured if she was a go, then I would proceed. She said she had heard crazier ideas (which is not unusual for this family) and would pack a back for Lindley when she got back home. I told her that I had plenty of clothes for Lindley at my house, and I would pack a bag (thus freeing her up from that task). I also have a credit card for any clothes we might need along the way.

Next I emailed Maribeth, who was checking her mail on the cruise. She thought it was a sound idea (especially since she would probably stay over after docking on Saturday). She said to check with Mathieu, since he and Everley were having a father-daughter week. He seemed okay with the idea (I checked with him when he brought Everley over for a sleepover since he has a night class). So it looked like we're a go!!

My first plan was to pick up the girls after naptime at school tomorrow and go halfway. My second plan was to pick them up after lunch and before nap so they would sleep in the car. My best and final plan was to skip school altogether and head out in the morning. And so we will!

After Mathieu got out of class, he picked Everley and me up to go to their house and pick up Maribeth's minivan (needed for the space and the in-car DVD player). I packed up the car with the suitcases (I don't know why I obsess about packing - apparently I can do it on a moment's notice) and Sam's golf clubs (why check them at the airport when I can haul them down). Everley and I got in bed for hopefully a good night's sleep.

Road trip tomorrow!!
Today is a gift because: planning the road trip to Disney!

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