Sunday, June 7, 2015

Last Disney Day ... And Universal

This morning we got up and headed to Universal. Since I haven't been in about a billion years, I just followed Maribeth and Molly. Our first and main objective - to get on the Minions ride thingy. They all went to get in line while I procured a stroller (we had one, which could not be divided between two little girls, one bag of emergency clothing and food, and one backpack of other necessary essentials). By the time I had the stroller parked, I could easily find the others in line and joined them (ignoring any possible dirty looks from the others in line). We rode the ride, which is basically a 3D simulator. It's all cute, unless you are prone to dizziness, so I closed my eyes as soon as we headed down the "roller coaster" and was fine for the rest of the ride, having no clue what went on. Lindley was not thrilled at the start, but grew to like it by the end. Everley loved the whole thing, from beginning to end.


Next on the agenda was to get to Island of Adventure, which was either a walk or a Harry Potter train ride. We opted for the train ride, which was pretty cool, especially considering that I have never read the books or seen the movies. Once we debarked there, Molly went in search for a butter beer, and Maribeth and I and the girls had a snack break (keeping them fed is essential to happy demeanors). Then we headed to Dr. Seuss land, rode a few things, and called it a day, since it was very, very hot, and a cool swimming pool sounded great to several senior members of the group (one of whom happened to be driving the van).

Once pool time and lunch were over, Steve and Sam joined us, having finished their golf weekend. Everyone else was taking a 6pm flight and I was staying to drive the van home tomorrow (solo). Lindley had decided last Wednesday that she was flying back with her dad, once she had learned that it was a 2-hour flight versus a 12 hour drive (she is very smart, you know). Everyone put their bags and golf clubs and whatever in the car and we headed to the airport. Everyone got home and slept in their own beds - my turn tomorrow!!
Today is a gift because: Universal Studios fun with the girls; swim time; safe travel home for everyone who flew

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