Friday, June 19, 2015

Movie Review - "Inside Out"

Tonight we (that would be Steve, Lynnette, Lindley, and I) had plans to see the Sounds play baseball. However, the weather looked iffy - there were clouds about and rumblings of thunder. And while sitting in the rain watching baseball might be a delight for some, it is not for me. So I texted Lynnette and suggested an alternative activity - going to the movies to see the new Pixar flick, "Inside Out."

It's not like I didn't know what it was about. There has been plenty of publicity about it. And in case you don't know, it's about a little girl named Riley and all the emotions that are going on in her head. It looked really cute and fun, and it's Pixar, so we decided it was a go. I also texted Maribeth and told her about our plans, so she and Mathieu and Everley decided to join us (even though Maribeth and Everley had seen most of it before - at least up to the point that Everley had decided that she was tired and wanted to leave).

We got to the theater early, since we wanted to make sure we got good seats (no more sitting on the front rows for me). This wasn't a problem, since the movie was on in about half of the screens in the complex. Anyhow, we found our seats and sat down and waited for the movie to start. After about a zillion previews.

So how was the movie?  I thought it was cute. Everley seemed to like it. And I think Lindley liked it, once the traumatic parts of the movie were over. She got really worried about what would happen to Riley and all her feelings and memories (there was a chance of her losing them). There were many tears and a lot of sitting in mom's lap to get her through that part. But in the end, everything and everybody turned out happy, so all was good and she said she would probably see it again.

As for me, I liked it. I like the idea of little emotions playing out in my head. Now I can think of who's manning the controls in my emotion center, and maybe things don't seem so bad. Hey - it's one way to get through the day.

And if you go to the movie, the last part just before the credits is the best, as you get to see the emotions in other people's heads.

I give "Inside Out" two thumbs up - or maybe that's just Joy that's doing it!!
Today is a gift because: "Inside Out" with Lindley, Everley, Lynnette, Maribeth, and Mathieu

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