Monday, December 29, 2008

God At The Right Time

Today was an example of God giving me what I need when I need it. He does this quite often and I don't really take notice, but today I did.

It all started this morning. I have a half-marathon in two weeks, and I have been following my current training plan - meaning nonexistent. I knew that I really needed to get in 10 miles - and sometime soon. I meant to do it last week, then last weekend, but didn't do either. So I really planned to get it in today. But after I got up and had breakfast, falling back asleep seemed like a much better idea. I woke up in time to debate when I would get dressed and go (actually if I was going to do it at all).

The next thing I know, Lynnette called and said she was parking at our house to walk 10 miles today on our old 3-Day training routes. God had my number and provided the incentive and a walking partner to get my keister off the couch and out on the road. We did the ten miles and were both glad we did.

Later I was planning to spot-clean the bathroom and needed the toilet disposable wand thingy to complete the task. I had used this device yesterday when cleaning the litter box (don't get crazy - all I needed was the wand). I looked and looked, but couldn't find it. On my way through the kitchen, I saw two of my jackets on the bar seats, and decided to hang them up. As I picked them up, I noticed on the seat hidden by the coats, was the wand in question.

Maybe you could say these were coincidence or happenstance. I won't. I know God is in charge of my life, which works so much better when I let him be in control. I think He just sends me days like this so I don't forget.

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M. Joseph said...

If God knows when a sparrow falls from the sky, then surely He also knows about the little things in our life.

It's never a bad thing when we are reminded of God in our life.

As for the toilet want "thingy" :) ...there's a $5 off coupon available on that page you linked over at