Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sam's Top Ten

Today Sam is 28. Twenty-eight years and one day ago, I had no idea what it meant to be a mom. I'm not sure I have any better idea today, but I do know I like it. And speaking of like, these are the Top Ten Things I Like About Sam:

10. He plays golf with me and shares my golfing ideology, which is, "So I only hit it two feet - at least it's straight! We're having fun!"

9. He's always up for a moving furniture adventure, no matter where or how much, and he doesn't worry about the availability or capacity of the moving vehicle.

8. He's always up for a family adventure, no matter how lame-brained it may appear.

7. He's an enthusiastic supporter of made-up games, including made-up stories.

6. He's a great writer.

5. He mixes all his food together in a big bowl.

4. He never tells his mother what he's really thinking about her latest idea, and supports her in her efforts.

3. He's inventive and creative and humorous.

2. He's been there for many of my firsts - first child, first marathon, first house, to name a few.

1. He's Sam, a total package of things to like.

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Marilyn said...

Here are my Top Ten:
10. He came to Chile twice to see me (well, probably came to see his cousins and the country).
9. He married a very smart and beautiful young woman that looks a lot like a current famous movie star (ask Luanne).
8. He's a good M.C. at rehearsal dinners.
7. He has a passion for city life and city livers (not the body organ).
6. He's a steady anchor in sometimes rough waters.
5. He thinks the same family things are funny that we think are funny.
4. He loved Papaw.
3. He's a good son to my sister.
2. He's the brother that my son doesn't have.
1. He's a good man.