Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year's End

It's been a good year. I've run many races and skipped a few others. I've met new friends and reconnected with old ones. I've visited my siblings in Mississippi and Maryland and we've partied at Disney. I successfully utilized my WDW Annual Pass so that I got my money's worth. I've raised money for good causes and voted for a new President. I've watched good and lousy movies, read interesting and boring books, and written thought-provoking and yawn-inducing pieces. I've been busy and lazy, felt happy and sad, and laughed and cried. It's been a good year.

At the end of every year, it's good to look back. It's good to think about the year past and the year ahead. But it's best to remember the things that mattered most to us, because then we know where to start tomorrow. We set our hopes and dreams for the new year based on what mattered most to us this year. And hopefully on this day next year, we can say again, "It's been a good year."

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