Monday, December 1, 2008

Lynnette's Top Ten

In honor of Lynnette's birthday today, I thought of the Top Ten Things I Like About Lynnette:

10. She's a fellow wogger (although she's turning into a jogger).

9. She's always up for a challenge, like a 3-Day 60-mile walk, an 11-hour car ride with the family, non-traditional holiday celebrations, and just about anything the Davidson family can come up with!

8. She likes all things Disney World.

7. She likes cats, in spite of her allergies.

6. She never asks more of me than I can give and she accepts me as I am.

5. She's very smart and a semester away from finishing her second Master's Degree in counseling. Wonder if marrying into our family had anything to do with her choice of study?

4. She's a great tent partner - in putting it up, figuring up how to rig extra stuff, and sleeping in a very small space with bags, books, etc.

3. She is full of good ideas, like taking a picture a day, that inspire me to do the same, or something like the same, or just to appreciate her good ideas.

2. She loves my son - what more could I ask?

1. No matter what she is doing or where she is, she remains true to herself. She's Lynnette, and there's everything to like about that!

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