Thursday, December 11, 2008

My 2008 Pink Book

In 2007 on this blog, I started listing the "Gifts of the Day," which were things that were good about my day. I wanted to celebrate the good rather than bemoan the yicky things of the day. It helped me appreciate the value and joy that each day holds, even if it's just one little bright light in the midst of an otherwise dark and dreary day.

At some point, Steve suggested that I should keep a written list of each day's things so I could remember them. I decided to do that in 2008, and got my "pink book." Each day in this book I list what is now known as "Why ______ is a Great Day." I started counting today to see how many good things I have recorded, but stopped when I was already up to 50 and had barely gotten past the first week in January. I think I have probably averaged 5 a day (some more, some less). According to my calculator, that will end up with 1,830 good things that I will have experienced this year.

But the best part of recording my events is that it has helped me remember the great things I probably would have otherwise forgotten. Just now I turned to June 19, and I see that I sent John's birthday invitation and had a nice flight to Duluth, among other things. While it may seem insignificant, I remember how good both things made me feel.

I've enjoyed keeping track of my good things this year so much that I've already purchased my calendar for next year, appropriately already titled, "Each Day Is A Gift." I can't wait to see what will be written on next year's pages.

Each day is truly a gift - don't ever forget it. And if you think you might, be sure to write it down - a gift is always worth remembering!


Marilyn said...

I think I forgot to thank you for my new calendar! Can't wait to begin filling it up. Thanks Ossie Lou for the calendar idea!

Rodeo Princess said...

What a great idea - I'm a little sad at the Holidays and I might go right out and get myself a RED and GREEN book so I can make a list of good things that happen! I sort of use my blog for that, but it wouldn't be so bad to write it down!