Sunday, December 14, 2008

January 1 Is A New Day!

With yesterday being my last race for 2008, I completed my sidebar list of "Events I've Wogged in 2008." It was a fun way to document a year full of races of different lengths and in different places. With the new year weeks away, I wondered what I would put in the "race listings" place. I didn't want to do the race list again and pondered new ideas, waiting for the right one to come along. And then it came to me. Literally.

Cool People Care has just released their new book, Today is a New Day!. This book is a "collection of doable difference-makers ... one for every day of the year." As soon as I had my copy in my hand, I knew what my new sidebar would contain.

Every day I am going to look at that day's suggestion and share a little of it online, then describe what I did to make a difference. Maybe some days I'll be able to follow that day's suggestion completely. Maybe some days I'll have to tweak it a little. Maybe some days I'll do something that is connected only in my own mind to that particular day's suggestion. In the book there are some days that are blank, waiting for me to choose my own "difference-making deed." But no matter what I end up doing for that day, I will be doing something. I will be making a difference and I'm going to let you know about it.

I don't know what you have planned for 2009. But maybe if we all did a little something every day, then not only would we be making a difference for somebody else, but we would be making a difference in our own lives. By this time next year, not only will I be able to literally count my blessings, but I'll also be able to know that on December 31, 2009, I will have done at least 365 things that made a difference.

2009 is looking pretty exciting already!

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