Monday, April 2, 2012

And Then There Was Everley

Officially, she was due last Thursday.  But Thursday came and went with no baby, even after her daddy flew into town.

On Friday, her accommodations started giving eviction notices.  But either she didn't give them any credence, or she just didn't believe them, because she stayed put.  Apparently a window of 1-2 cm wasn't big enough window for her to bother with.

On Saturday, her accommodations started applying a little more pressure.  But being somewhat strong-willed, she refused to succumb to the pressure and stayed put.

By Sunday, the pressure was getting just a little too real for her landlord.  The good news was that at 5am, there was a 4-5 cm window.  The bad news was that six hours later, the window had not been enlarged.  An epidural was welcomed, hopefully to lull her into easing her way out into the world.  The window enlarged to its max, a full 10 cm.  Yet still, it was not a large enough window for someone to choose to leave the comfy confines she was used to.

Soon, it was time to forcefully evict the little freeloader.  But after three hours of trying to literally push her out that window, she still refused to leave, turning her face in the wrong direction to successfully get out.  Besides, it was still April Fool's Day, and she was no fool, nor intended to ever be called one.  So she stayed her ground.

By 1am the next morning, the powers that be came up with a new plan, to create a new escape hatch and remove the little squatter by force.  There was a little damage to the surroundings, but she was finally evicted, all 8 pounds, 4 ounces of her.  A little behind schedule and on her own terms, but she was certainly worth the wait !!

Everley Mac Perry
Formerly of Maribeth's uterus
Newest resident at her parents' home and in Lala's heart

Today's blessings:  Everley's arrival and life!!

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Denise in PA said...

Congratulations, Luanne! She's just beautiful o:)