Sunday, April 29, 2012

Win, Place, Or Show

Last week, KB and I participated in the Rotary Red Carpet Run 5K.  I say participated, because our goal is usually always the same - finish still breathing and with a heartbeat.  I think that would be called a "show," since our goal is to just show up and start and finish.
However, this 5K ended up being a special one for us, since we placed 2nd and 3rd in our age division (we obviously moved up to "place").  I refuse to publish our times, since some of you people really run these things for PRs (and you know who you are!).  I also refuse to publish Susan Wenner (name appropriate, don't you think?) because she finished so far ahead of us that she was back home and in the shower by the time we crossed the finish line.  KB and I both actually had the exact same finish times, but I guess the "race officials" felt sorrier for the chubby grey-haired lady and placed me ahead of KB.  They also misspelled my name, but they also gave KB and another woman the same race number, so I guess you might say the whole race was sort of in our favor.  Anyhow, here are our "official" results along with an idea of how many actually participated in the event, which may give you another perspective on why we actually placed in our age group:  

Female 50-54
Place    Name 
1          Susan Wenner
2          Luann Davidson 
3          Karen Barnes


The good news is that we finished ahead of the man and his dog.  I guess the bad news is now the pressure is on us to win? Will winning The First Ever Karen and Luanne 5K count? 
Today's blessings:  6 miles and Bongo Java with KB and Jo; post 6-mile nap on the couch; massage and facial at Massage Envy;

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Kat said...

Yay you!!! (And by the way... 3 dogs finished before me in my last 5k, as did an 81 year old man!)