Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sometimes Thinking Helps

Today's adventure involved two car seats, one recovering mommy, and apparently no brain cells.  Here's what happened:

I was to pick up Lindley from day care.  Steve was out of town, and usually Lindley's car seat is in his car, so I transferred it to mine, which also had Everley's car seat in it.  My car is a Highlander, which has a 3rd row of seats that you can fold down or up for 3rd row seating - this will be an important factor later on.

Anyhow, Maribeth and Everley decided to accompany me to pick up Lindley, perhaps going on another park outing.  We put Everley into her car seat, whereupon she decided to have a meltdown - we were unsure as to whether she objected to the car seat, the thought of picking up Lindley, or the outfit she was dressed in, but she was one unhappy two-week-old.  Maribeth decided that perhaps Everley was hungry and needed a bottle of mom juice.  Here's where it got interesting.

Because we are basically law-abiding citizens (and were late in picking up Lindley), Maribeth said she would give Everley the bottle in the car.  However, Lindley's car seat was firmly planted in the seat next to Everley's.  So, Maribeth would need to sit in the 3rd row seats, since it would be difficult to give a bottle  from the front seat to a baby in the back (soon to be middle) seats.

So, we pulled up one of the back seats, which would have been fine, except there was no way to get in the aforementioned seat since the back-now-middle seats had car seats strapped in them and couldn't be flipped up to allow access to the backest of the seats.  Which meant Maribeth was going to have to climb in from the back of the car, which was going to require some maneuvering like this woman is demonstrating to the right, which might have been a challenge for most people, but made even more interesting when you just had a c-section two weeks before.

Anyhow, we picked up Lindley and took her home, where Maribeth commandeered the recliner and blanket and wondered where somebody's brain cells went.  We needn't discuss whose brain cells those were ...

Today's blessings:  4 miles with KB; Udderly Pink meeting at Molly's; Molly's dinner; MB and Everley spending the night; Babies R Us field trip with MB and E; picking up Lindley at day care and going to her house

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