Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pep Talking

This morning I was in Walmart perusing the fabric selection.  After a few minutes of perusing, I noticed some of the clerks walking a few aisles over to meet up with some other clerks.  The next thing I heard was a group cheer - apparently it was time for the morning meeting of this section of Wal Mart.

I know there are people who love Walmart (me and a few select others) and those who don't (several members of my family).  After eavesdropping on this staff meeting, I have to say I like Walmart even more.

After the group cheer, the person in charge went over the previous day's monetary report.  Then she proceeded to call out different clerks for their reports.  Before each clerk began, the whole group gave a cheer-greeting for that particular person.  Then the person would speak, and the next person with a report would get his/her cheer-greeting and then give his/her report.  After every one spoke who needed to, the person in charge had a few remarks (no birthdays today, for one) and then the meeting was over, with a closing cheer, of course.

Maybe it was a little cheesy, but I liked it.  I liked the feeling of encouraging team members, no matter how cheesy the chant.  I liked the idea of welcoming each person with a report by a personalized cheer.  I liked the idea of starting off a work day on a positive note and disseminating information in such an upbeat way.

Wouldn't it be great if we started off our days with such enthusiasm - both at home and at work?  Wouldn't that be a terrific start to the day?  And maybe if we could get past our "cheesiness" bias, we would see a difference in our day.  I know I left feeling uplifted and happy - and I was just an eavesdropper.
Today's blessings:  Seeing Marilyn and Eddie off on their U-Haul adventure; Wal Mart meeting and fabric department; getting started on a new project


Sam Davidson said...

Oddly, this makes me want to go to Wal-Mart less.

Luanne said...

Oddly, I didn't think that was possible ...