Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Little Rain, A Little Crowd, A Little Thor

This morning, Karen and I did the Rotary Red Carpet Run 5K.  Of course, we decided to do it at the last minute, hoping for good weather - so much for that.  It was raining a little and a little chilly, but meeting Thor made our hearts warm (you could dress up like your favorite movie character, but we opted out of that).  Anyhow, soon it was time to start, and everyone gathered at the start line - all 50 or so of us.  It was one of my fears - a small group and me ending up at the rear.  But, we persevered through the steep hills of Green Hills and finished - still managing to finish in front of a few people.  Somehow I'm getting over my 5K phobias - now if I could just get the legs moving a little quicker, I might have to wear my own Thor costume!
Today's blessings:  5K and Noshville with KB; getting storage unit and Sam helping move stuff into it; Lindley and Everley time; watching "We Bought A Zoo" with Maribeth

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