Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Okay, so I know my posts lately have been somewhat erratic and all about Everley.  I would write about the economy and the upcoming election and global warming, but some other things (or at least one little precious thing) just seem to be taking precedence.  Today would be no exception.  So, boys and girls, today's topic is planning.

I'm a firm believer in plans - especially when they come with Plan A through Plan ZZZ, meaning if the first one does't work, there's always its cousin waiting in the wings.  This is especially true in the case of babies.

Maribeth was the queen of planning before giving birth.  She not only outfitted her house with the most up-to-date baby doodads, but she also managed to update the baby stash at my house.  She read all the materials and information and made sure that she had everything she and the baby would need.  She had a plan and followed it, right up until delivery.

That's when, after laboring all day and pushing for three hours, Everley decided she would not turn her head in a proper position to be born (even after the OB stuck his arm way up the wazoo to try and convince her).  Enter Plan B, which was a Cesarean after midnight on April 2.  The result was a healthy baby girl.  However, while they were slicing and dicing Maribeth, something got "nicked" (reports vary on exactly what that was) thus resulting in Plan C, which for Maribeth meant one thing - r-e-c-o-v-e-r-y.

While this new plan involved receiving two units of blood and having dye injected for a cat scan, it did not necessarily involve the pre-planned breast feeding plan.  Which would have been fine, except for the 912 nurses that came through her room with their own breast feeding plan, all of which contradicted the precious nurse's plan.

Anyhow, all of this is to say that while plans are great, they're always open for revision and chucking to make way for a new plan.  Which is where Everley is now.  The breast feeding, the sleeping, the pooping - it's all a day by day plan.  The good thing is that for whatever doesn't work, there's always a new plan just a thought away.  Sometimes even a minute away.

Somethings things don't go as we had planned.  Sometimes it's a huge disappointment for things not to work out.  Sometimes we want to give up and take the easier route.  But sometimes our plans don't go the way we want because there's something else around the corner that we need to experience.  Sometimes there might actually even be a better plan that we wouldn't know about unless the first one didn't work. Sometimes it's not about the plan - it's about us and what we need to do and where we need to go.

And apparently learning about planning starts early - even when you refuse to turn your head on your birth day!!

Today's blessings:  early morning with Everley; post office clerks; MB's good med report; Steve's dinner

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Marilyn said...

I am little concerned about the "nick" and 2 units of blood! but relieved to see "MB's good med report" so hope things are on the upswing.