Monday, April 30, 2012

Looking In The Mirror

I saw this little graphic on my friend Kat's fb page and thought, "Of course - she's a fast little runner.  Of course she sees a runner in her mirror."  And then I thought, "Why don't I see a runner in my mirror?"

Is it because all I see is someone old and overweight?  Is it because I see someone whose average running pace is slow?  Is it because I see someone that all those fast runners complain about (on their "I'm So Fast" running boards)?  Is it because I see a "back of the packer?"  Why can't I see a distance runner in my mirror?

I mean, I meet all the requirements on this little graphic.  I have the Garmin (and loooove it - again, thanks to the Valentine sisters' rec).  I have the $95 shoes - at least two pair in my closet at all times (can't run in wet shoes!).  I've paid the entry fees (some that were three times the $40 fee).  Why can't I see that distance runner?

I've put the miles in.  I've wogged at least 125 races, which include at least 66 5Ks, 37 half marathons, and 12 full marathons.  Exactly how many miles is it going to take for me to see a distance runner?  Am I going to have to run faster or run more races?  What is it going to take?

The answer is simple - it's not going to take anything.  The fact is that I am that distance runner.  She's in the mirror, looking at me - I just have to look back at her and say hello.

Today's blessings:  working out with KB at the park; power afternoon nap; coupon saving at Staples; paper dude at McDonald's

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Kat said...

You're the one who inspired me, Luanne! I've got to keep up with you at Disney in February!