Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Yas'm - We Be Here for the Baby's Checkit

I like to make a good impression. I would also like to be rich and thin and all things wonderful.  I'm thinking maybe I need to develop other likes.  Let me explain ...

Today Maribeth was going to take Everley for her two-week check (Everley, not Maribeth).  I have been spending the nights at their house, helping with the night feedings.  The plan was that I would leave early in the morning to go walk with KB, then go home and shower, then return to Maribeth's to pick them up for the 9:45 am appointment.  Good plan, right?

I left Maribeth's wearing the same clothes I had slept in - sweat pants and t-shirt - and walked with Karen.  I went home and ate a bit of breakfast, then took a call from Maribeth saying that Crocs the Handyman was at her house fixing her trash cabinet, and could I come watch Everley while she got ready?  Of course I said sure, and went over.  Without changing clothes, showering, brushing my teeth, or any of those pesky little details that might help with that good impression thing.

I watched Everley and soon it was time for the pediatrician field trip.  And I went in the same outfit that I wore to walk in.  Which was the same outfit that I had slept in.  Of course, I went into the appointment with Maribeth and Everley.  While the picture to the left isn't me, it might give you the general idea.  Just add frizzled hair pulled back with an assortment of barrettes, glasses because I hadn't put in my contact lens, a thin layer of sweat instead of any scrap of makeup, a clean t-shirt with un-Tide-removable stains, and a pair of ample sweatpants to hide my ever-increasing hind regions.  And a sweatshirt that I grabbed on the way out in case I got cold - who knows the last time it was washed.  Thank goodness the pediatrician, AKA Dr. Barbie (really - you should see her) was there to see Everley - otherwise she might have referred me to the psychiatrist down the hall.

Good impression?  I think not.   Maybe I should have brought in a chicken to offer as payment. 

Today's blessings:  running errands and getting lunch with Maribeth and Everley; 4 miles with KB; Steve getting MB's TV fixed up; chatting with Marilyn on the phone

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Marilyn said...

Now I understand why she talked to you @ a 6th grade level :)