Friday, April 27, 2012

It's Simply Amazing ...

... how quickly I get behind on this blog.   One might think I could skip a day, even a few, especially when you read my "catch up' blog posts.  But then, one isn't really thinking is he/she is reading this blog, now is he/she?

Anyhoo, I thought I would write this useless post (and who knows when I'm really writing it) about why I cannot miss a day.  Although technically I am.  Missing a day, that is.  All that being said (and it is being said because all these words take up a lot of space and you think I am really writing about something, which goes back to you (the reader) and thinking (or not thinking)), here are the Top Five (because ten is too many and I have to write today's post which is actually tomorrow if you're paying attention to the date I finagled on this post) Reasons I Simply Cannot Skip A Day.

1.  I am cray-cray.  If you do not know what that word means, then you are not the super-cool person that you should be.  But obviously you know how to use the internet, so Google it.  Why am I cray cray?  Because not only do I think people read this blog, but I also think that they would notice if I didn't post everyday and might be worried about me and send Olivia Benson to check on me.  I also am cray-cray qualified because I think any post is better than no post. 

2. Daily blogging is a habit that I am trying to keep going, hoping that it will explode into a billion other habits that I must frantically keep - like eating intelligently and working out.  So far the explosion has not happened, but hope springs eternal, or is that denial?

3.  Omigosh - have I got to come up with three more reasons??  Okay, how about blogging may be the only productive thing I got done that day.  Yes, I know some posts are pretty pathetic, but if one eats Milky Way Bars all day and hasn't taken a shower and watched the "Law and Order" marathon on TV, then even the lamest of posts looks Pulitzer worthy in comparison.

4.  If I keep my computer on my desk in my bedroom, then it's far away from all the contraband food in the kitchen (like that **&% box of Girl Scout cookies that SOMEBODY won't eat).  And if I sit at my desk long enough trying to put words together in a coherent fashion, then maybe I won't eat the box of Thin Mints.  So, it's like a diet of sorts. 

5.  Finally, the reason I write (or pseudo-write) every day is simple - it's just what I'm supposed to do.  Some days I eek out a good one and some days I just get by.  But in the end, I fulfilled a part of the life that I'm supposed to live.

Today's blessings: not getting up to wog/workout (sorry KB, but it was GREAT!); getting birthday present project finished

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Denise in PA said...

I certainly notice if you miss a day (is that weird?) And, yes, if you missed more than a couple of days I would be worried there was something wrong. I am super-impressed that can blog daily - I'm lucky if I get a blog post up once a week! o:)