Wednesday, April 18, 2012

And Time Goes On ...

You may be reading this and think, "Wait - when did this come up?  When did she write this?  Did I miss something?"  And you would probably be right.  Not surprised, based on my recent blogging record, but perhaps still a bit confused.  Welcome to my Time Machine Black Hole.

It seems that the older I get, the more time seems to fly by.  In this blog's case, Wednesday quickly became Friday, seemingly in the space of a few minutes.  It seems that as soon as I turn around, it's another day, usually another day of things that I haven't done.  But that's not the only extent of my Time Machine Black Holes.   Here are a few others:

"Where Did My Baby Go and Who Is This Adult?" Black Hole.  This is what happens when yesterday you gave birth and today that baby morphed into an adult.  It's really confusing because it seems this adult that is your child is older than you seem to think you are.  In other words, you still feel sort of 23, but this guy says he's 31 and he's your son.

"How Did My Grandchild Get So Smart?" Black Hole  This is when that tiny baby that was born yesterday (seemingly at the same time as your own child) is now carrying on a conversation with you.  And usually making more sense than you do.

"Today is When?" Black Hole.  This is when you don't go to a 9-5 type job everyday, and some weeks the days just kind of blend into each other.  The only way you really know the day is whether it's "The Little Couple," or "Modern Family," or "The Office" day.  Unfortunately you may not figure it out until nighttime, which means you'll have to figure it all out again tomorrow.

"I Need To Make An Appointment" Black Hole.  It may be medical, dental, emotional, plumbing - whatever - but you need to call and schedule a meeting.  Two months later you still haven't done it, because you forgot about it - many times.  And now your tooth is rotting out and your basement is flooded.

"I'm Going To Lose Weight" Black Hole.  Three months later you're still eating Ding Dongs and wondering why the Bermuda shorts you bought at Costco don't fit.

Anyhow, I would keep going, but I need to figure out which day it is, because I'm pretending it's Wednesday when it's really Friday and if I don't hurry up, it's going to be Saturday. I must be having fun, because time sure is flying!
Today's blessings:  working out with the Karens; drinks and dinner with Michelle, the Karens, ad Kelsey to say good bye to Kelsey; Maribeth and Everley's visit with the lac ladies

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