Monday, April 16, 2012

Tax Day - Or The Day For Whom The Bell Tolls

Today is Tax Day, which is a happy or sad day, based on whether you owe $$ or will receive $$.  For me, today marks the middle of April, three and one-half months into the year, or the day when I should have lost about 8 gazillion pounds, provided I had stuck with a diet and exercise plan.  In other words, like those who owe the IRS a check, it's not a happy day.

I could go into all the excuses of why I haven't lost any weight, but the excuses are nothing new.  It's just what it is.  And I will try again - hoping that one day something will stick and I will be a reformed person.  And thinner.

I don't know what it will take, but I think I've found a new graphic that will maybe keep in all in perspective. 

Here's to less complaining and excuses and more effort and results.  And maybe, just like the happy people today, soon I'll be one of those who gets some good news!!

Today's blessings:  spending the night with Everley and her mom at their house; starting some projects; spring rain


Kat said...

This story is sad but inspirational. I plan to write "Suck it up, Princess!" on my arm with a Shapie (right next to my Garmin) during my 5k on Sunday.

Story of love and hope

Luanne said...

Thanks Kat, for the story - certainly helps get things in perspective and realize the difference between the little things and the truly big things!!