Monday, January 28, 2013

A Good Monday

Today I finally got back on track.  After last week's post-cruise food-eating debacle, I wasn't planning to weigh in.  But I decided to be accountable (that would be accountable to me - not you - at least not yet) and I got on my scale.  I somehow managed to stay the same as last week - no loss but no gain either.  I could deal with that.  Then I actually got my butt out the door and walked two miles, even though it was super slow.  I managed to eat on program and keep away from temptation by staying busy and drinking lots of water.  I prepared a lunch and dinner - okay, so I microwaved something - but at least I didn't go through a drive-thru.  Now if I can hang tough for the rest of tonight, then I'll start over tomorrow, hoping that by taking it one step at a time (no matter how slow), I will have another successful day!

The Good Stuff From Today:  2 slow miles; emailing with KB, Marilyn, and Kat; staying on track; getting bills paid; clean sheets

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