Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Join Udderly Pink (Without Walking a Step)!!

First, watch these and get inspired.  First, from 2007:

Then, from 2009:

So, are you ready to walk 60 miles in 3 days? Not so much? What if you could join our team and NOT WALK A SINGLE STEP? Well, you can. Here's how:

First, say to yourself, "Yes, I want to join Udderly Pink!" To be an honorary member, all you have to do is donate $230 (that's 10% of what we have to raise) to one of our team members. I know that's a lot of $, but you don't have to pony it all up yourself. Get 23 of your closest friends to donate $10, or 230 to donate $1, or 46 friends to donate $5, or one really good friend to donate $200 and a merely good friend donate $30. Somehow, come up with $230, click on our website here, pick a team member and donate your proceeds.

Don't think you can donate it all now? Comment on this blog or email me at and tell me you want to be an honorary member, and I'll put you on the list. We don't walk until October, so you have February/March/April/May/June/July/August/September to get in your $230 (that's 8 months, which is a little less than $30 a month, or a dollar a day - if you figure your friends into this, you're gonna need a calculator).
Once you've committed to being an honorary member, we will send you your honorary member package.  What is in it?

You will receive one of our deluxe team jackets, complete with our team name and your name (or a name of your choice) embroidered on it (we do have black jackets for you dudes out there).

You will also have your name put on our Day 1 shirts, which you will get in September.

You will get a copy of our training walk schedule, if you want to join us here or there, and we'll even throw in a chocolate bar for you to enjoy in bed, thinking of us on the weekend we have training walks of 18 miles on one day and 15 on the next.

There will be other surprises in the package - we just have to figure out what they will be!  But most of all, you will be a part of us as we walk 60 miles in 3 days to raise money to fight breast cancer and help those who are affected by this disease.

We'll send you your honorary member package just as soon as we hear you say you want to join us.  We figure with a bright pink jacket hanging in your closet, you won't forget your commitment!

So, all you need do now is donate, comment, or email and let us know your jacket size.  It will be the easiest 60 miles you've ever walked!

The Good Stuff From Today:  Everley time; Maribeth bringing dinner; jacket pickup; 3-day planning


Kat said...

This year in blogland, I was blessed to meet a woman named Susan who shares my love of ladybugs. She blogs at (Be warned, this site is not conducive to weight loss!)

I learned that her ladybugs remind her of her daughter, Kelly, who passed away a few years ago -- only in her mid 30's - from breast cancer. She left behind a husband and a very yong son. Susan has become a very close friend so please consider me honorary team member #1, in memory of Susan's daughter Kelly.

Luanne said...

Thanks so much, Kat! I will certainly walk in Kelly's memory and think of Susan, whose loss I cannot even begin to imagine.

I went to her blog and found it very much like yours - full of beauty and fanciful things that I can only dream of doing (although the pictures of chocolate were soooo tempting!), but know it will probably never happen!