Sunday, December 1, 2013

Grand Cayman

The newest Disney princess - Princess Trucker

Today was a day to get off the boat – if you wished. Or if you wished to have the boat to yourself, you stayed onboard, which was my personal choice. The highlights for today are: Molly went to the movie to see “Thor” not in 3-D, Molly got a facial in the spa, Molly did the “Aqua Dunk” which is a water slide drop (which she said she would not do again which is enough for me to never do) – maybe this should be titled “Molly’s Day.” Unfortunately, as some point she ate something that did not go over well, and sorta (well, not sorta) came back up. A few times. She was well enough to show up for dinner in Animator’s Palate, which was fun for everyone, including Everley.

Steve took Everley to the shop to buy a hat, since she was adamant (that’s baby speak for pitching a fit) about Steve not wearing a hat unless she had one. She chose a “Cars” themed hat with Mickey ears, which went nicely with her princess nightgown dress (yes, we’re those people who deem certain nightgowns acceptable for daily wear – at least for toddlers – the style has yet to be acceptable for 50+ year old women).

Anyhow, that’s about it for today – it’s probably time for my nap, anyway!
Today was a great day because: the weather was sunny; Molly did the Dunk and some other stuff; Everley got a new hat


Denise in PA said...

You really should try the "Dunk". If I did it you can do it! (Just don't let anybody see you - LOLOL!)

Kat said...

I did it too! Peer pressure!! And it's over in 7.5 seconds... If you can walk 60 miles in 3 days in the rain, you can do a 7.5 second water ride!!

Luanne said...

FYI, the Dunk was never done by me. Sure, I've done the Aqua Duck on the Dream and Fantasy, but having the floor collapse beneath me just wasn't on my bucket list for this trip! Maybe next time ...