Thursday, December 19, 2013

Merry Doikmas!

On the 19th Day of December, it was our Doikmas Day (feel free to sing that part).  And here's how it all went down ...

The Meal:  The theme was food on sticks.  Roughly 50% of the family remembered this part and participated. 

Sam and Mathieu were busy packing boxes for Batch Nashville, but remembered at the last minute (perhaps due to some last-minute texting wanting to know when they were going to arrive) and brought some locally manufactured dipped marshmallows (which might have been likker flavored).  Anyhoo, Sam shoved some toothpicks into them and voila! - a dish was born.

The main dish (by luck of the draw) was grape jelly/chili sauce meatballs in the crockpot.  My crockpot and Molly's recipe.  Which were then stabbed with toothpicks and put in a dish (after crock-potting for several hours).

Why bother with cutlery when you have your own toothpick?
There were more meatballs - plenty more - leftovers more ...
Maribeth ordered an Edible Arrangement - which conveniently comes on sticks, so no stabbing was necessary.  Our only potential issue was when it was going to be delivered - which it was just before we ate.

Quite festive with the sleigh and reindeer ...
We also had a cheese tray - cubes of Kraft (which came pre-cubed in a package) and - you guessed it - stabbed with toothpicks.

Our final dish was "salad on a stick."  Can you figure this out?  Okay, I'll give you the recipe.  First, get out the toothpicks and then stab a grape tomato, a carrot, and a stick of broccoli or cauliflower.  Serve with an individual ranch dressing container.

Okay, so the presentation leaves something to be desired - like a lot to be desired.  But at this point, we were just trying to figure out if we were going to have any food at all ...

Dessert was provided by Lynnette and Molly - popsicles.  Which came with their own sticks.  Of course, Molly had her own idea of dessert.  Which possibly should have started before the meal ...
By the way, that IS Disney champagne.  Disney Christmas champagne.
So there you have it.  Considering some of our previous Doikmas meals, this one was possibly our healthiest.  We had fruit, vegetables, turkey meatballs, and cheese.  What more could one ask for?  Especially since we had one baby running a fever and clearly not into anything remotely related to Christmas and eating and presents.  And an adult who was overcome by the respiratory plague and had to go to bed.  Maybe we should have had Robitussin shots for Happy Hour ..

Oh, and if Molly will send me a picture of her "make it" gift, I shall report on those tomorrow.  They are almost as special as this meal was!!
Today was a great day because:  all the ordered gifts came in; no one was harmed in the celebration of Doikmas; lots of fun gifts; it was Doikmas!!


Kat said...

No Friday or Saturday posts? Hope all is well!!!

Girl with a Goal said...

Great recipes! I'll have to give a few of those a try. haha