Friday, December 6, 2013

Mickey's Christmas Party

With Molly's arrival this morning, our current travel party became complete.  KB and I picked her up and managed to get in an outlet shopping trip.  Or two.  We picked up Sam and Lindley at Downtown Disney and had a brief nap before heading out to the MK for Mickey's Christmas Party.  It was pretty much wall-to-wall people, and even though it was in the 80s, snow was falling down Main Street.  We wandered around a bit, finally deciding on a spot near the riverboat to watch the parade.  Ken and Jeanne found us, and we watched as Mickey and friends and Santa headed down the path.  Sam and Lindley left and we stayed for cookies and cocoa and the fireworks.   By that time, the "I am wore-out" stick hit us and we headed back to the hotel.  What a fun night!!

Today was a great day because: Molly flew into town; KB and Molly and I went shopping; Mickey's Christmas Party with the gang; meeting up with Ken and Jeanne

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