Sunday, December 29, 2013

Well That Was Fun ...

Basically, here's what happened.  With no car we decided to forego with race.  The start/finish was six miles from the hotel, and yes, we could have added that to the race and walked to the race, or we could have taken a cab, but based on yesterday's cab ride, we decided it would be better to just go home.  Which we did.  We changed our flights to take an earlier one (actually THE earlier one, as only two flights go from Panama City to Nashville). 

Of course today's weather was beautiful, especially when compared with yesterday's cloudy overcast weather.  Today we called a legitimate shuttle service, whose mini van was clean and showed no signs of needed repairs.  Also, the driver said NOTHING during the entire trip - and was promptly compensated for his silence when we arrived at the airport.

At the airport, I noticed I was TSA Approved, which meant I didn't have to take my shoes off and I got to go through the metal detector instead of the x-ray.  I still had to take my liquids and computer out, but I got to keep my shoes on.

Once onboard and in the air, the flight attendant came through for drink orders.  Molly and I had five drink coupons between us that would expire in three days.  Not wanting an alcoholic beverage that early in the morning (well, I didn't anyway), we asked for Vitamin Waters which apparently you can get with your coupons.  The flight attendant said she would see, that they only had six bottles on board, to which Molly said, "Just anything we can carry off the plane."  A few minutes later she returned with a garbage sack full of our Vitamin Waters.  We is classy.

Anyhow, an hour later we landed back in Nashville and Molly got a text saying Rambo had escaped the yard again (he has learned to climb the chain-link fence in her yard).  I dropped her off and headed to Pei Wei to pick up lunch because Molly also had coupons for two free entrees (that would expire in a few days).  On the way home I found Rambo walking with some people out for their daily walk, so everyone had a lovely lunch.

So to recap, today we got home early, got five free Vitamin Waters, and ate two free lunches.  Oh, and Molly is now Southwest A-List.  A happy day all around!!
Today was a great day because:  great ride to airport; breakfast biscuit; safe, smooth flight; free drinks and lunch; finding Rambo with nice people; Steve's safe trip home from Columbus; Lindley and Everley time

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