Wednesday, December 18, 2013

'Twas The Night Before Doikmas ...

'Twas the night before Doikmas* when all through the place,
Presents were being finished at a lazy snail's pace.
Some gifts were wrapped with paper and some tape;
Others were covered with a Kroger sack cape.
The door was watched carefully for a Fed Ex delivery dude;
He should probably have been tipped, but procrastinators are rude.
Menus were researched for dishes that were quite easy;
It really didn't matter if it was fried and quite greasy.
Plans were hatched for a great family treat;
Too bad it was the family who lived down the street.
Expectations weren't high since Davidson history proves this -
We shoot for the stars and usually wildly miss.
But this we know for sure and forever -
Each Doikmas is different and will be repeated quite never!
See you tomorrow!
*Doikmas - penned this year by somebody.  Springdoik is the name of our house,
therefore our family Christmas celebration, held before different family members
head to different celebrations, is now called Doikmas.  Catchy, huh?
Today was a great day because:  almost all gifts are present and accounted for; phone chat with Marilyn; picking up Everley at school; Molly bringing dinner; stocking the stockings and putting presents under the tree; installing shelf by desk; planning February cruise

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