Thursday, December 12, 2013

Yup, I'm A Grandma!

This afternoon Lynnette texted to say that Lindley wanted to come by.  Lindley had fallen at school and had a boo-boo that she wanted me to see.  And she also requested cornbread.

Naturally I told them to come on over and I trotted into the kitchen to make cornbread.  Later, after the boo-boo had been inspected and the details of the accident had been told, when half of the cornbread and been consumed and the other half was packed for Lindley to take home, Everley decided that she wanted some more cornbread.  Which Lindley was not keen on sharing because she had plans to take the cornbread home and eat it there.

So I promptly went back into the kitchen and made more cornbread.  Because that's what grandmas do!
Today was a great day because:  Airport run for KB; Lindley and Everley time

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