Saturday, December 7, 2013

Lights, Camera, It's The Osbourne Lights!!

Today we managed to get in a little more shopping and lunch at Wolfgang Puck's before Sam and Lindley had to leave for the airport for a quick trip to Cleveland to meet Lynnette.  That left KB and Molly and me to head for a quick trip around Epcot for dinner.  We wanted to eat at Tutto Italia but didn't have a reservation.  We went to the head dude at the restaurant and asked if they were booked.  In his Italian accent he said, "Yes.  How many do you have?"  We responded with a "three" and he said, "I'll seat you on the mumble, mumble," which we later determined meant on the covered patio.  The food and service were great and soon we were on our way to Hollywood Studios to see the Osbourne Lights which KB had never seen.  Soon after, we got hit with the "tired" stick again, so we headed back to the hotel, with a quick trip to Wal Mart.  It was time for bed, as we have an early call in the morning - Road Trip!!


Today was a great day because:  we shopped, listened to a part of The Candlelight Processional, had a great lunch and dinner, and saw he Osbourne lights

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