Wednesday, August 10, 2016

And Today's Project Is ...

So the cats currently like scattering the litter from the litter box all over the laundry room floor. Which isn’t a problem unless you like to do the laundry while walking around in your bare feet. So today I had a bright idea to build a better litterbox, or at least a better place in which to put the litter boxes. I had Molly come over, probably under false pretenses, to help me in this project.

It wasn’t really that hard. I purchased some pieces of particleboard, and we screwed them together. Once that was done, I put the litter boxes in the new container, and voila! – we have a cat potty!!

Now to see if the cats approve …

Blessings today include: Molly coming over to help with the kitty box; cats approving of new potty box

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