Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Just Helping Out ...

Since Maribeth is out of town, I checked in last Friday at the Open House for Everley's and Emmatha's preschool classes. In each one, I asked if there was anything they needed for the class. Emmatha's teachers requested CDs and Everley's teachers requested copy paper. Both seemed pretty easy to procure and donate. Later that day during my daily trip to the Wal-Mart, I managed to pick up both requests. I found several CDs for babies and grabbed a case of copy paper.

Today I decided to drop the items off at preschool, saving time for Emmatha's and Everley's first day next week.  The CDs were easy to carry - I just plopped them in my bag. But the copy paper was a different story. For one thing, it was a fairly good-sized case. For another thing, it was fairly heavy. And for the last thing, my current upper body strength is fairly nonexistent.

So I came up with the bright idea to load the case of copy paper into a baby stroller and stroll it into Everley's class. I had an old-school umbrella stroller in the closet, and took it out and put it in the car (since it collapses into practically the size of an umbrella, it fits into my car perfectly). And all was on track - until I got to the school.

I got out of the car and pulled out the folded-up stroller. And then proceeded to realize that I had no idea of how to pull the thing apart. Clearly it was stuck together by some hook - I was just having trouble finding the hook in question. And yes, I'm sure it was quite entertaining for anyone looking on in the parking lot. First I would look at one side, then the other side, then the top, then the bottom - and could still find no hook. I would pull and tug, to no avail. Finally by following the tubes, I located that rascally hook, unhooked it, opened the stroller, and loaded the case of copy paper.

I then strode into the preschool, pushing a stroller full of copy paper. Well, that was after I couldn't get the stroller to move, only to find out the wheels were locked. I remedied that situation and off we went. Mind you, it was a Mickey Mouse stroller - would the copy paper deserve any less? Anyhow, I dropped off the CDs at Emmatha's room and proceeded to Everley's room. Which was down 4 steps. Clearly I faced a dilemma - should I attempt to get the cheap stroller weighed down by a heavy box of copy paper down the steps, or heave the case out of the stroller and attempt to walk down the steps with the case, hoping for the best?

I didn't have to ponder long, as one of the directors (I believe) saw me and asked if I was looking for something. I explained the situation and she volunteered to help me - and then picked up the case and hauled it into Everley's classroom. She stuck her head out the classroom door and said, "And who are you?" I explained that I was Everley's grandmother, to which she replied, "I figured you must be the grandmother. Or the nanny."  Seriously??

Anyhow, the supplies got delivered and I turned to retrace my steps and return to my car. I decided to fold up the stroller rather than stroll it back empty. The only problem was that I couldn't figure out how to fold up the stupid thing!!  Rather than hang around and look really goofy, I just put the stroller in gear and left. And then got to my car and attempted once again to fold the stroller. And just kept failing at that task. Finally, rather than continue to entertain whomever was watching in the parking lot, I just turned the stroller upside down and stuck it in the front seat - fully opened.  This nanny may not know much, but she knows when to make an exit!!

Later this evening when Sam and Lindley were over, he figured out how to fold the stroller, Which he was going to show me, but left before either of us remembered to have that demonstration. Oh well, the case of copy paper should last awhile, so maybe I will learn how that stupid stroller works before my next deliver.

And one more thing - the breastmilksicles made it to Montana!!  Fully frozen!!  Between Fed Ex, Sam/Batch, and Lala, we can get things done!!

Except maybe that stroller folding up thing ...
Thankful today for: taking things to preschool and chatting with the teaachers; stroller fun; Lindley hair-braiding time; Sam folding up the stroller; getting house picked up before I leave town; blog catch-ups for May 18, May 19, May 20, and May 21

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