Friday, August 5, 2016

Cruisin' For Dolphins

Before we arrived at Pam's, she sent out several emails about things we could do during our weekend (this would be in addition to sleeping, eating, talking, eating, sleeping, and so on). One of the things that she suggested was going on a sunset dolphin watching boat ride. And so that's where we found ourselves this evening.

At first, our excursion looked in peril. The skies grew very dark (especially in the area we were headed to get on our boat). We got to the dock early and Pam went in to inquire about our trip. The dudes in charge said to hang out and wait - hopefully the skies would clear. And so they did, and God even blessed us with a beautiful double rainbow!

It did take them awhile to dry off the benches and decks, but soon we were aboard and headed out to find dolphins. And find them we did!  The technique goes like this ... The boat company takes out two boats. The skippers of each boat motor around until they find dolphins, then the two boats take off side by side, thus creating a wake somewhat akin to ocean waves. The dolphins, provided they are in the mood, create quite a show with their jumps and leaps into the air. We all had a great time and all too soon it was time to return to the dock. We stopped at a CVS for supplies and a Starbucks for drinks before returning to Pam's for some dinner and some "Mama Mia" while eating and chatting all the while. Eventually we turned in for the night - because who knows what adventures await us tomorrow!!

Thankful today for: a great day for naps and food and everyone doing her own thing; dolphin watching; dinner discussions and decisions; "Mama Mia" movie watching and sing-along

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