Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August 2016 Project - #18

A portion of my "Sixty Things" is to do a project every month from August of 2016 until August of 2017. Since this month was quickly coming to a close, I had to get busy. And luckily, I had all the materials I needed to get this project done.

Over the years, I have used several methods of keeping and organizing photos. Keep in mind, these were the years where you actually used a camera, made photos, and had them all printed because you had no idea which ones would actually turn out. With three children, we had a lot of photos, naturally a ton for the first one, with dwindling amounts for each successive offspring.

I first put them in old-school photo albums, the kind with sticky back and a clingy clear page cover. This was great until the stickiness wore off and the photos started sliding out of the albums.

I continued to put the photos in albums, using whatever the latest rendition was. Then it was time to organize the albums so I could actually find a photo that I was searching for. Needless to say, it because quite the mess.  And then I started using the photo boxes.

I started with a few boxes, mainly just tossing the photos in them with no rhyme or reason. Sure, the photos stayed in one place, but it would become quite a task to actually find a desired photos. So a couple of years ago, I bought a bunch of boxes and actually organized them. And all was well. At least until we had some family changes and additions, and the unorganized photos started to build up again.

Until today. I had some unused photo boxes from the first purchase, made some new labels, and got stuff organized again.  Of course, baby Emmatha has very few actual printed photos - they're on the computer and everyone's phones and on the internet. Guess I'll have to get those printed out.

At least all the photos on hand are in a box and ready to be called upon, should someone be looking for a particular photo. And one thing (number 18 on the list) is complete. Only 59 more to go!!

Thankful today for: completion of photo box task; A30 for flight tomorrow; early morning airport run for Steve; Maribeth ordering Demos for dinner delivery

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