Saturday, August 6, 2016


This morning after our breakfast book discussion, most of the crew opted for some beach time. I opted to stay in Pam's super comfy and quiet home and take a nap. Or two. I am not exactly a beach person, especially when it is about a billion degrees outside. My one exception?  That would be Castaway Cay, of course, but that's a different story ...

Anyhow, after a few hours, everyone returned and opted for their own personal activities. Some decided to chat a bit, some decided to nap a bit, and some of us decided to go to the pool a bit. Pools I like - there's no sand to get all caught up in one's various cracks and crevices, no hungry ocean creatures looking for a snack, and no ocean waves lurking about to pull you out to sea.

Laura decided to take the inflated dolphin with us, presumably to float on. As you can see, being in the pool kinda excited Eek Eek (named via its owner Pam), and he/she because quite animated, thus rivaling his/her cousins we had seen last night.

We taught Eek Eek how to jump over us.
Seriously. Laura is just holding on so he/she won't go too high ...

Laura did bring Eek Eek for floating purposes (or should I say porpoises).
After a while at the pool, we headed back to Pam's to clean up. She had a yummy place for us to eat (and the only reservation we could nab was at 4:30pm), and we were super excited about it. Because next to talking and sleeping, eating was a big agenda item for the weekend. We went, we ate, and we came home to watch "Fried Green Tomatoes" while our food settled us into a lull.

It's been a great weekend. It's been a weekend to catch up the past 40+ years for some of us, and to renew those friendships that started when we were kids. And after watching the movie tonight, I think Ninny Threadgood (via Fanny Flagg) said it best -

Thankful today for: breakfast chats with friends; Pam making pop-em-out rolls; quietness of Pam's house; pool time with Laura, Pam, and Elizabeth; dinner with the whole gang and photos in the sun; movie time with friends

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