Monday, August 8, 2016

Time To Return To Normal - Whatever That Is ...

The house has been empty for awhile. Maribeth, Everley, Emmatha, and Steve have all been out in Wyoming and Montana since the end of July. I was gone for several days to meet up with friends at the beach, getting back home last night. Tonight, the rest of the crew will be flying in, and the cats will lose their peaceful existence - although I think they like having us around.

There will be unpacking to do and laundry to catch up and day care to get started. Emmatha starts tomorrow and will be attending the same one as Everley, a real blessing since they just started a baby class. Since I've been taking care of her on Maribeth's work days, I will have some time to get things accomplished - and there are too many of them to name. I just now no longer have an excuse a valid reason for not doing anything!

Molly's and Maribeth's houses are about to start the remodel process (hence the reason Maribeth and the girls are living with us), so that should be fun. And then there's the travel for fall (I may have a Disney trip or two in the mix). So there seems to be plenty to keep me busy in the upcoming days. Like maybe updating a certain blog?

So, where to start? That's always the part that is the hardest. I guess for today I'll just start by unpacking my suitcases so that when the rest of the crew lands, at least my stuff will be done.

That's probably enough for today, don't you think??
Thankful today for: Delta getting itself together in time for the Montana party to catch their plane and get home safely; unpacking my stuff and getting back with the program at home

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