Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Californy, Here I Come!

Yes, I am going to that other Happiest Place on Earth, Disneyland. Why? Because it's the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend, of course!  Am I running?  Heavens no!  Am I participating?  Heavens, yes! I am planning to do the 5K and 10K, and skip the half-marathon, since I have done next to nothing since my knee/IT band gave me a run for my money in May. And since I have done next to nothing, which really means totally nothing, even the 5K and 10K could be iffy.

No matter as I have paid for the entries to the races, paid for the hotel, and paid for the airfare. I am going to Disneyland!!  Molly will be joining me and doing all the races - because she can. I decided to fly out this morning (thank you for very reasonable prices, Southwest, and for not charging me when I changed from my not-so-reasonable price). I will get to the hotel in time for lunch and maybe a nap before Molly arrives later this evening.

The worst part of the trip is the long plan ride out there.  My only consolation is the possibility of a nap, the chance to catch up reading a magazine or two, and the scenery outside. And maybe an early arrival. Oh well - I'm going to Disneyland!!

Clouds are always pretty - as long as they don't hold hidden pockets of bumppity-bumps!!

I am always interested to see the shadows clouds make on the ground.

And then there's landing at LAX,
and being thankful I'm not on those REALLY BIG airplanes!!

And then I'm at Disneyland, and my room overlooks the fireworks!!
Blessings today include: Maribeth taking me to the airport; window seat with quiet seatmates; safe, smooth, early flight to LAX; shuttle ride to hotel and my room ready when I got there (after attempting to check in to the wrong hotel); Molly's safe arrival

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