Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Gang's All Here!!

Today the rest of the girls arrived today. Some by plane and some by car. We've come from Tennessee, Texas, Indiana, and Mississippi. but in the end, it's like we've all just come back home, to our little hometown of Starkville, Mississippi.

Laura lives in east Tennessee, and actually got here yesterday after a couple hours flight delay.

Elizabeth lives in Indiana and arrived via plane on time (although when Pam called Elizabeth to check on her arrival, Pam actually called Elizabeth's daughter Kat, whom I'm sure was delighted to talk to Pam. And will probably wonder what her mom has gotten into this weekend).

Madeline drove in sometime after lunch from Mississippi - the only one of us who still lives in Starkville and can keep us updated on the goings-on there.

And last but not least, Carol drove in late tonight from Texas, after having to say a final farewell to her beloved family kitty yesterday. The rest of us stayed up to greet her, mostly by going through Pam's old photo albums and scrapbooks and attempting to remember old times.

We managed to make a late afternoon trek to the beach to watch the ocean for a bit before returning for a chicken spaghetti dinner and a fitted-sheet folding demonstration/contest. We also compared notes as to how one puts sheets on the bed, the brands of mayonnaise and toilet paper we each prefer, and how each of us loads the dishwasher. As you can see, it's going to be an exciting weekend!

Thankful today for: safe travel for all friends; preparing dinner salad with lots of input; remembering old times and old friends

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