Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Travel Day!!

Today I'm headed South - but not where you might think ... I'm hopping a plane for Pensacola, Florida, where I'll nab a nearby Hertz vehicle and head for Orange Beach, Alabama, for a weekend with some friends from the Golden Ages. Today I'm arriving a day early to help our hostess Pam (the bride from the princess bridesmaid cruise) get ready for the group - Laura, Elizabeth, Carol, and Madeline.

Pam lives about a seven-minute mile from the beach, so I'm sure we'll visit that. And she has a community swimming pool in her neighborhood, so I'm sure that will be on the agenda. But I'm sure that much of the time will be spent catching up and eating - because those are the best activities that happen when old friends get together (although I'm not saying which activity will be enjoyed the most, or how much time will be spent doing both at the same time).

I think it's going to be a great weekend!!

Thankful today for: safe, smooth, short flight to Pensacola with empty middle seat; easy rental car procurement; mostly easy trip to Pam's; fun grocery store trip

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