Monday, August 15, 2016

To Doughnut or Not To Doughnut

So, there’s a local doughnut place that’s apparently all the rage. Not being a huge doughnut fan to begin with, I was somewhat hesitant. However, We (that would be Lynnette and Molly and I) decided to go and take Lindley and Everley, who do enjoy doughnuts.

We arrived (along with the rest of Nashville) and waited our turn in line. In the hot sun. Once we arrived at the picking spot, we tried to find ones we deemed worthy of our tastebuds. Of course, Everley and Lindley prefer plainer ones, so even with what we chose, nobody was really impressed with our outing. Back to Dunkin’ and Krispey Kreme!
Blessings today include: going to the doughnut place; fun times with the girls after the doughnut place

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