Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Best Mother's Day Ever

No, it wasn't because everybody was home and we had a big party. It wasn't because everybody got me ridiculously expensive presents and then sent me to the spa for the day. It wasn't because everyone made me sit in a chair and heeded my every wish and command. It was the best Mother's Day ever because the three people who entitled me to the rights of this day made me aware that they know who I am.

Let me explain. Before he left to go to Disney World with Lynnette and her mom/dad/brother/sister-in-law, Sam gave me his Mother's Day present. It was a pair of Toms shoes, one of my favorite things. I had abused my other pair of Toms by wearing them in the rain puddles, so I knew I needed a fresh pair. I was thrilled to get a new pair, but doubly thrilled because Sam knew how much I like them. The icing on the cake was the fact that I also know how much Sam likes his Toms and the whole premise behind this shoe company. I feel like his gift was a sharing of our lives and a connection that goes beyond mother and son - it's a human connection between two people.

Maribeth's gift was a pair of earrings. They are a style that she knows I like - light danglies. Because she had her ears re-pierced a few months ago after years of no-pierced, she's become a little more interested in earrings. Although she says these aren't her style, she knew they were mine, so she bought them for me. Again, she chose something that we both have in common, yet she decided on this particular pair with me in mind.

Molly's gift was a wall hanging that we saw in the window of Ten Thousand Villages just before my fateful pedicure. Earlier this week she said that it was no longer hanging in the store, which made me wish I had purchased it myself. The reason it was no longer hanging in the store was because Molly had purchased it for me. She knew I liked it and bought it. Then, to make today even better, she made my favorite dishes from Disney - Cobb salad, grapefruit cake, and Konk Koolers.

So today was the best day because my three children gave me the best gifts ever. Each gift was chosen with me in mind and represented the individual giver. Whenever I wear or see each gift, I will be reminded of them. I will be reminded that the best gifts, the lives of Sam, Maribeth, and Molly, are what truly make every day the best Mother's Day ever.


Sam Davidson said...

Are you sure it wasn't because Mari and I were out of your hair b/c we skipped town?

molly said...

The recipes on that site are totally different than the ones in the cookbook. You should let them know.