Saturday, May 23, 2009

Things in the Water

Today's highlight (well, one among many) was watching my brother and nephews scuba in The Seas at Disney World. It's something I may never do, and while it's fascinating to watch people do it, it's especially cool when the people doing it are people you know and love.

I guess there are a lot of life experiences like that. There are things that you may never do yourself, but enjoy watching others do. And when those things are done by special people in your life, it makes that thing unforgettable.

But I think it helps to remember that sometimes the other people who are doing those things may not have special people in their lives who are watching them. They may not have that cheering section or that support crew or just that proud watcher. It's those times that we can fill in the gaps. By cheering and encouraging those we are watching but may not know, we are making new friends. And maybe, one day when we least expect it and need it most, there will be a stranger who is watching and encouraging us.

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