Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Scary Things Like Scales

Today I went for my annual checkup at the lady-parts doc. My most dreaded part was - you guessed it - getting on the scales. Since I haven't boarded one in many moons, I wasn't looking forward to heaving myself on top of this one. In fact, I even considered calling and rescheduling my appointment until I had lost a few hundred pounds.

But I didn't. I knew I had to face reality sometime, and it was going to have to be today. My 68-pound journey was not going so well, unless you thought it was to add those 68 pounds. Anyhow, I got on the scale and although I had indeed gained pounds, it was not as horrendous as I had anticipated.

Today I faced up to that which I feared. Although I got the information I expected, it wasn't the death knoll. My doctor is the type that doesn't harp on weight, so it all turned out for good. While I still have a journey of now 68+ pounds, it is still within my reach.

I guess the point of this story is to keep confronting the unknown and unpleasant situations in my life. Even though I may think I know the outcome, I may not. I may be in for a pleasant surprise, or a smaller dose of reality, or the very thing I am expecting. But if I don't face that seemingly scary thing, I will never know the truth and end up living in ignorance. And while ignorance may be bliss for some, it certainly won't get me where I need to be.

So I'll start back on that journey. It's a little longer this time, but I'll get it done just like every race I complete - one step at a time.

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Marilyn said...

you are right, Dr. Nylander is THE BEST! I would go to Nashville just to be seen by her!